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Dehydrated Onions

Dehydrated Onions are widely used in preparing fast food, dry casserole mixes and stuffing mixes, also basically used for dressing and garnishing food dishes.

Do you know? Research shows that onions may reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Onions are low in calories yet rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, B and potassium.

This Dehydrated Onion is well cleaned and tested by our experts and well packed in a very proper manner to avoid breaking of the product.

Azista is certified by BRC Global Standards, ISO 22000 and FSSAI for food safety, management, and product quality.

Dehydrated Onions are offered in cross cut, Granules, and Powder forms.

Let us know how we can customize the product as per your requirements, such as the shape of a product, packaging, and labeling.

All the Raw Materials used to manufacture this product are NON - GMO in origin.

Contact us at, or via our online contact form, to request or to inquire regarding your customized Dehydrated Onion product.

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