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Quality, long shelf life.

19 January 2020

I really loved the curry leaves!!

Tastes good

22 December 2019

Good quantity and quality. Smells and tastes as natural leaves. Thank you.

Dehydrated Curry Leaves

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Curry Leaves, known as kadi patta in Hindi, is added to almost every dish for taste and great aroma.

Do you know? Curry Leaves are rich in sources of iron and calcium. They have the ability to treat indigestion, prevent weight loss and nausea, and cures diarrhoea.

As per client requirement, we are offering Dried Curry Leaves in different sizes of packaging options and are hygienically packed and checked by our quality controllers.

Azista is recognised by BRC Global Standards, ISO 22000 and FSSAI for food safety, management, and product quality.

Dehydrated Curry Leaves are offered in leaves and powder forms.

Let us know how we can customize the product as per your requirements, such as the shape of a product, packaging, and labeling.

All the Raw Materials used to manufacture this product are NON - GMO in origin.

Contact us at, or via our online contact form, to request or to inquire regarding your customized Dehydrated Curry Leaves Product.

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