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Quality is our commitment, and we value our customer satisfaction to the most. We manufacture a wide range of Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetable Powders in India, the products for long-term storage, and are free from harmful chemicals. Food Products like Soup Mixes, Seasonings, stews, casseroles, and Snacks use Dehydrated Vegetable Powders as a significant ingredient in them.

Ginger is known for spicy flavor, the unique fragrance comes from its natural oils, called gingerol, which is widely used for flavoring many foods like salad dressings, meat sausages etc. Ginger is soaked under a stream of warm water and then dried, peeled and cut and thus put into required form i.e. flakes, powder, granules. Under highly hygienic conditions, processed product is packed airtight as per our customer requirement. The Raw Materials which are used to manufacture this product are NON - GMO in origin.

Garlic contains a tiny treasure called allicin, and it is produced when garlic is crushed or chopped. It is responsible for numerous health benefits. We are one of the best Dehydrated Foods distributors and suppliers all over the world. We offer Dehydrated Garlic Powder at market prices to our global clients. These are used in various cuisines like grilled chicken, pizza etc. This Powder procedure followed by shelling, washing, drying, and cut and thus put into required form. The Raw Materials used to manufacture this product are NON - GMO in origin.