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A genuine item with good quality

1 January 2020

This is so good. A real taste of mangoes also. It also comes in good packaging. These Fruitbites are extremely tasty and can be used in any dish, which you want mango flavor.


13 December 2019

They are just amazing 😍 one can feel the taste of real mangoes. I felt every bite yummy. quality, taste, packaging, everything is absolutely fantastic!! Highly recommended 🔥

Sunischit Malla
Well, who doesn't like this type of mangoes!

25 November 2019

It tastes natural. These slices retain their own taste like "No sugar added". It's a good alternative in the off-mango season. I like to carry with me every day to fill in hunger time.

Danish Zafar Masood
100% natural and yummy

2 October 2019

Dehydrated mango is an amazing product. It has no preservatives and 100% natural. Taste is really good Even my daughter liked it a lot. Great product for everyone.

Best Quality dried Mango.

17 September 2019

Dried sliced mango, no added sugar, and good taste. Price little high but ok.

This a good buy

15 August 2019

I liked the taste of this mango. I think that's a good thing as there's no added sugar. High quality and re-sealable packaging. Relatively better price from these stores

punch of mango wow..!!

19 July 2019

Simply it's good to taste. I will recommend this company.

Simran Malhotra
Addictive and very tasty.

22 June 2019

I ordered here for my journey purpose. Mangoes are tasting good as natural fruit. best snacks for kids. because my kids enjoying eating these dehydrated mango slices.

Dehydrated Mango

(8 customer reviews)

Mango is a seasonal fruit and known as the king of the fruits. Mango is used in a variety of dishes and it is a seasonal fruit.

As you know? It is used for skin care, weight loss, improves eye health, lowers cholesterol and helps in digestion. Mango contains Anti-oxidants which helps to prevent cancer.

Our manufacturers are focussing to improve consumer health with these Dried Mango Products by without losing any nutritional components from that natural fruit.

Azista is certified by BRC Global Standards, ISO 22000 and FSSAI for food safety, management, and product quality.

This Dried Mango is available in the form of rings, slices, and powder.

Let us know how we can customize the product as per your requirements, such as the shape of a product, packaging, labeling, and microtol treatment.

All the Raw Materials used to manufacture this Dried Product are GMO-Free in origin.

Contact us at, or via our online contact form, to request or to inquire regarding your customized Mango product.

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