Dehydrated Banana

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  • Dehydrated banana is leathery and dry. They are a perfect healthy snack for any outdoor lovers looking for an instant energy boost on the go.
  • Dehydrate Bananas are four times rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and valued for their nutritional values.
  • Our dehydration process is unique and the cutting-edge technology we use keeps the nutritional profile and quality of the product intact.
  • Dehydrated bananas are beneficial to your eyes, lowers your blood pressure, rejuvenate your body with energy.
  • It is used as pancakes, cut the dehydrated bananas into small pieces and stew them with a little wine and make a thin syrup by adding grated lemon peel and sugar to taste.
  • Fry the bananas to eat tasty snacks.
  • Dehydrated banana chips can be used to make homemade banana Lara bars.
  • Azista Industries is listed as the leading manufacturer, bulk supplier, and exporter of dehydrated bananas.
  • All the raw materials we use to manufacture are NON-GMO in origin. Our dehydrated products are benchmarked by BRC Global Standards, ISO 22000, and FSSAI for food safety, and product quality.
  • We customize the product as per our customer's love to eat and cater the product with the best quality.
  • Contact us to order now! We customize the products as per our customer’s requirements.
  • Contact us to order now!
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